Employment support in social housing

Opportunity Pathways Program

MAX launched a new initiative in Sydney called the Opportunity Pathways Program (OPP).

Funded by the Department of Communities and Justice, the program is voluntary and delivered in 12 sites across the city.

We have built relationships with social housing providers across the regions and work closely with organisations such as: St George Community Housing, Northcott Disability Services and Ability Options.

With 118 people currently enrolled in the program, the program has a flexible outreach approach, finding convenient and local places to meet with people seeking our housing and employment assistance.

By helping people gain, retain or achieve more employment through receiving practical assistance and links to support services, we can assist people towards housing independence, leading to better employment outcomes.

Stabilising housing in Queensland

Since 2012, the Housing and Employment Program has provided case management for people in unstable housing situations who are undertaking higher education.

Over 450 clients have been provided with financial assistance totalling over $2.69 million.

In 2019, we supported 60 people – 92% went on to independently maintain private and secure tenancies without subsidies, and 60% increased their employment or continued with their studies.

The private rental solution and other personal support we provided, included: rental subsidies, relocation assistance, health, wellbeing and counselling supports or related supports from six months to two years based on the length of the study and employment chosen.

In each case, clients’ housing needs are stabilised to enable them to achieve long-term goals of completing further education and gaining employment in their chosen field.