Supporting the customer’s job search

Our customer service team, based in the National Operations Centre in Springwood, are connected to our employment offices to offer a centralised resumé service.

MAX understands looking for work can be frustrating, especially for people who do not have much experience in the workforce. We offer a range of support services, tools and resources to smooth the pathway to employment.

Resumé support team

Every consultant in MAX is provided with access to our centralised resumé support service to ensure customers can develop a resumé or enhance an existing one.

A well-presented resumé is one of the main tools we use to get our customers in front of employers and increase the chances of a positive match. Given the competitive nature of the labour market, we believe a personalised resumé can be the key factor between a candidate getting, or not getting that job.

In 2020, applicants now face the prospect of their resumé being read by automated software which scans for keywords, making the service more important than ever. Since March 2019, we have completed 18,000-plus resumé reviews for customers.


New website articles

We now have over 130 articles and resources online on topics ranging from wellbeing to mental health, to assist our customers.

We also launched a library for our Employee Assistance Program, an archive of researched articles to support people in work