Every person. Every chance.

Improving customer service standards
In 2019, our customer service program included a national rollout of customer service training. We trained 1,563 team members across the business through face-to-face (88%) and online (12%) delivery methods.

We focused the training on two key areas: Employment Services and Corporate Support, which were tailored to the business area needs. Positive feedback from the customer service excellence training was excellent with 90% of respondents telling us they would recommend the training to a colleague.

Enhancing our customer support service
Our Customer Service Team based in Springwood is an important way we support customers. Whilst customers can visit our sites, a large number make enquiries by phone or email.

The team manages around 36,000 calls a year, ranging from new enquiries and appointment management – to reporting requirements and support with resumé writing. This technological advancement means MAX is able to continuously improve the quality of the service, and future-proof the business.