Reflecting on the Reconciliation Action Plan artwork

We commissioned Indigenous design agency and artists Weare27 Creative to produce an artwork that tells the story of the Spark, and the story of MAX.

We wanted to align the Pillars of our Reconciliation Action Plan with the themes of our Spark story in an authentic way; illustrating their common focus on respect, partnership and opportunity.

Symbols and imagery
Artists Riki and Diana Salam delved deep into these themes and brought them to life through an engaging journey story with powerful visual elements:

  • The Spark reformed into the Central Campfire, representing the whole organisation, where we consult, teach, upskill and empower.
  • The Spark arrow developed into The Boomerang, signifying Innovation & Technology and The Fish, symbolising the importance of imparting Knowledge and teaching Skills.
  • The Initiated Leaders, illustrated by U shapes in a circle representing the people at MAX who assist in empowering our customers into employment and beyond.
  • The Cultural Pathways, signifying Australian states and territories where MAX is present, and Indigenous people travelling to and from their respective Country or communities.

The resulting dynamic artwork illustrates and communicates our continued support for our customers across the Australian landscape. From this artwork, we will continue to draw on visual story elements and graphics, to incorporate into our existing MAX visual identity.

“This artwork is about the passing on of knowledge to the next generation, the spark that ignites into a flame. Learning from one another talking two ways, understanding each other. Weaving together the hopes, dreams and aspirations of People from many different places all across Country.” – Riki Salam, artist

concept development
Concept development
Rik Salam - Artist
Rik Salam – Artist
RAP graphic elements
RAP graphic elements