Assessment services

The services we provide include assessments for intellectual disability and severe language disorders, eligibility evaluations for support funding, and consultancy services for schools to develop best practices in the management of the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD).

Program for Students with Disabilities – Victoria

Last year marked our fifth year of delivering the Program for Students with Disabilities – Assessment Service on behalf of the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

Working nationwide with over 1,500 state schools we conducted 6,293 cognitive and language assessments for students.

Our team of specialist education psychologists and speech pathologists have now assisted over 30,000 students towards the objective of inclusive education.

In 2020, we will expand our service offering, in support of student wellbeing delivering Contingent Psychology Services to schools across New South Wales.

This service will be available to students either face-to-face or via the telehealth application to come.

Child welfare assessments

We partner with governments and non-government child welfare agencies across New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia to protect the community’s most vulnerable children.

Our highly-trained clinicians provide best-practice advice to support agency case workers through the sensitive work of making assessments.

In 2019, we assisted government and non-government agencies develop recommendations to support the decision-making process in 420 cases.

We are proud to play an important part in the decision-making process to ensure children who are unable to live with their own families or families seeking their children’s return have the right outcome.