This financial year, the EAP grew by 30%.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential counselling service available to assist employees and their immediate family members in managing personal and work-related concerns.
The service is run by qualified psychologists and social workers who offer short-term support for individuals to access timely and effective guidance and support.
It has delivered thousands of counselling sessions and wellbeing programs.
The most popular training session in 2019 was Mental Health in the Workplace for Managers.
The service includes after-hours emergency counselling, critical incident support, coaching and training.

Critical incident management services

We offer round-the-clock assistance in coordinating a response to a critical event, and provide psychological ‘first aid’ for our employees. The aim is to secure trust to ensure a smooth recovery for the business, and staff

Manager Assist

Manager Assist is a confidential service for managers and supervisors that can be accessed by phone. Specialist psychologists offer expert coaching to deal with issues related to their role as leaders, such as conflict management, performance issues, mental health and recovery from critical incidents.

HR coaching

We create collaborative interventions for specific issues to help parties work together towards a solution. Interpersonal skills development, resilience and skills building are common interventions. Individualised coaching for valued staff members who need coaching on a specific issue can be offered.